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Andrew Dice Clay 3 Dvd set R1

These are Region One Dvds require  a multi-region player for playback in the U.K.

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Anchorman / Wake Up Ron Burgundy R1 Dvd Set

This Ltd Edition and OOP dvd set, contains:
The Unrated / Uncut Anchorman movie, which contains extras not available on the UK release.

Anchorman:The legend continues.
Containing a whole new movie made from outakes from the original film.
Along with various extras

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Bill Hicks Live R0- All Region)

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Bill Hicks - Sane Man (R0 All Region NTSC)

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Denis Leary R0 NTSC (All Region)

2 Disc set:

No Cure For Cancer & Lock and Load

+  MTV shorts

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Eddie Murphy Delirious R1

Dvd Extras include:  30 minute Eddie Murphy interview, as well as some extra never before seen footage from the concert.

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Original Kings Of Comedy R1 NTSC

 This is a Region One Dvd  & requires a multi-region player for playback in the U.K.

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Richard Lewis- Concerts From Hell R0 (NTSC)

Two laugh-packed DVDs: Showtime's I'm In Pain and the cable ACE Award-nominated HBO specials I'm Exhausted and I'm Doomed.

Dvd extras:
Exclusive New Footage! For 80 minutes, Richard Lewis' mind get probed in a no-holds-barred discussion with celebrity biographer Bill Zehme!
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Sarah Silverman- Jesus Is Magic R0 (NTSC) Dvd

Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic: comprises Silverman's performance before a live audience interwoven with stylish musical numbers and backstage intrigue.  Bob Odenkirk, Brian Posehn and Silverman's comedian/actor sister Laura Silverman, make appearances along with Silverman's band The Silver Men.

Dvd Extras:

Give The Jew Girl Toys

Behind the scenes

Aristocrats Peformance

Director & Sarah commentary


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Steven Wright- When the leaves Blow Away R0 Dvd

Steven Wright unleashes a torrent of ironic and hysterical thought-provoking one-liners in this Dvd

The DVD leads off with Wright's May 2006 performance at Toronto's historic Elgin Theater, where he keeps an adoring audience in stitches with random observations on everything from baby monitors as a form of wiretapping to his addiction to placebos.
Wright's short film One Soldier (1999; 30 minutes) follows - a heady, existential tour-de-force which the comedian wrote, directed, produced and stars in.
The party continues with archival footage from a 1988 Boston Comedy Club performance.

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Chris Rock Never Scared

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Steven Wright- 1985 HBO Special DVD + CD set

Factory Sealed: Steven Wright: 1985 HBO Special DVD  & 'I Have A Pony' Cd Set

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